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OUTspoken Sessions Celebrates Its 5-Year Anniversary on Friday, June 6

July 2009: The first OUTspoken Sessions, hosted by Nicholas Dorsey and Bay Nguyen

In 2009, Equal Action decided to create a consistent space for queer and ally youth to express themselves, develop their political identities, and build a creative activist community. That summer, we launched OUTspoken Sessions, a monthly open mic and safe space for LGBTQ and ally youth 19 and under.

Since then, OUTspoken Sessions has provided a platform for hundreds of trans*, queer, and ally youth and adult artists and spotlighted the work of dozens of community groups. We have also evolved in many ways, most recently becoming a bimonthly open mic that welcomes all ages while remaining youth-centered.

October 2012: Erin Davis presents the live art she painted during that night’s OUTspoken Sessions

We invite you to join us as we celebrate our 5-year anniversary!

OUTspoken Sessions: 5-Year Anniversary

Friday, June 6, 2014
UCLA Labor Center
675 S Park View St, LA 90057

Featured Artists:
For the very first time, all the OUTspoken Sessions organizers will be sharing pieces – Claudia Chen, Sergio Aguilar, Kimler Gutierrez, Stephanie Chen, Antoinette Reyes, Stephanie Van, and our wonderful MC, Dahlia Ferlito!

Community Spotlight:
Our generous home, the UCLA Labor Center

 As always, arrive by 6:30pm to sign up for the open mic.

August 2013: Claudia Chen cuts Kimler Gutierrez' hair, which he had been growing in the name of marriage equality in CA since 2008.
August 2013: Claudia Chen cuts Kimler Gutierrez’ hair, which he had been growing in the name of marriage equality in California since 2008.

Entrance + food = $3
No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds

Public Transportation: Westlake/MacArthur Park Metro Rail Station and bus lines 18, 603, 487/489, 26/51/52/352, 200, 720, 29

Questions? Contact Dahlia at dferlito@equalaction.org.

OUTspoken Sessions is a queer youth-oriented open mic and safe space. All ages and loving identities are welcomed to attend.